DUAL LIFT® Hyperpigmentation Whitening Set (Serum + Cream)

Hyperpigmentation Whitening Set Serum gegen Pigmentflecken
DUAL LIFT Hautpflege-Set gegen Pigmentflecken
Hyperpigmentation Whitening Set Serum gegen Pigmentflecken

DUAL LIFT® Hyperpigmentation Whitening Set (Serum + Cream)


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  • Dual Lift Set for the reduction and prevention of pigmentation disorders
  • Contains 1 x 30ml LIA Sensi Care SPF 30 and 1 x 30ml HYA 4 White Plus Hyaluronic Serum
  • Free of colorants, fragrances, and preservatives (KVO)

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Hyperpigmentation Whitening Set against Pigment Spots and Uneven Skin Tone

We use a special emulsifier-free LIA C6® cream (on an LMS cream base) that not only prevents wash-out effects but also has a composition that resembles natural skin lipids. Directly after application, the cream fills damaged “cracks” in the horny layer and gives it back its protective high-tech structure. Considering its LIA protection (UVA high / UVB low) it is an excellent skincare product for daily use. LIA is responsible for more than 60% of the wrinkles we develop as we get older. Thanks to a patented blend of UV filters and radical scavengers, this sun protection cream almost completely prevents photoaging. LIA C 6 ® Sensi Care has a sun protection factor of 30, providing strong protection against high UVB exposure.

HYA 4 White+ hyaluronic serum contains six different whitening ingredients with synergistic effects. It also has strong radical and UVA protection. In combination with the LIA C 6 daycare products, your skin has complete UVA and UVB protection. The LIA cream prevents new pigmentation and the HYA 4 White+ ensures that existing pigments are slowly lightened. For visible results, give your skin 6-8 weeks.


Hya Gel: apply thinly in the evening and morning, allow to absorb, cover with LIA C 6 cream.
Cream: Apply every morning to face, neck and décolleté.