1. What would you like to improve about your skin?

    2. What does your skincare routine look like today? Mornings/Evening
    Which products do you use?

    3. Are you regularly in cosmetic / medical treatment for you skin? If yes, what has been done? When was your last treatment?

    4. Do you have a preference? Do you like your cosmetics

    5. Are you pregnant?
    (this is important, because of some peeling products)

    6. Are you interested to get to know the Dual Lift System better?

    If you answer is yes, we will send you a Webinarrecording, or invite you to a live session.

    6. Zusätzliche detaillierte Fragen zu Ihrem Hautzustand
    ( Skala 1 = niedrig bis 10 = hoch ):

    1. Feuchtigkeit
    2. Spannkraft
    3. Empfindlichkeit
    4. Falten
    5. Hautdicke
    6. Poren sichtbar
    7. Pigmentflecken
    8. Couperose
    9. Pusteln
    10. Mitesser
    11. Tränensäcke
    12. Durchblutung
    13. Fett (T-Zone)

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