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Luxurious high performance anti-wrinkle concentrate.

To bring the ageing process to a more youthful and radiant level, we have developed this luxurious hyaluronic serum. It combines the synergies of 13 potent active ingredients to visibly reduce wrinkles quickly. Hyaluronic acid: is mainly responsible for the elasticity of our skin. Together with collagen and elastin, it creates the plump cushion structure of youthful skin. 4 x signal peptides with Botox effect: relaxes the wrinkle muscles and makes expression lines less prominent. The effect becomes increasingly noticeable after one to two weeks. 3 x collagen boosters: of the signal peptide type, betaglutane and a plant extract. All three stimulate the synthesis of collagen in different ways. Elastinbooster Idealift: This signal peptide stimulates the skin’s own elastin synthesis. Stem cell-derived extract from the edelweiss plant: demonstrably firms the connective tissue. Signalpeptid Progeline™: clears age-related cellular deposits, thereby improving the visible signs of sagging associated with skin elasticity loss. Troxerutin: a plant-based free radical scavenger, more powerful than vitamin C. Gold: Gold is the best known infrared reflector, so it provides extra protection against IR-induced radicals and also gives your skin a radiant glow!
Application: Apply a thin layer in the evening and morning, allow to absorb. Then use your matching LIA C 6 cream.

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