Why DUAL LIFT System?

Maximum care, targeted at the different needs of different skin compartments.


The dermis and epidermis have completely different needs due to their different tasks. Attempting to satisfy them with one and the same cream is always a compromise that does not do justice to either.


The Dual Lift® system therefore separates the cosmetic goal:


– the cornea of the epidermis is strengthened and built up by our LIA C6 creams to become a strong protective shield for all the underlying compartments. In this way, we can almost completely prevent light-induced skin aging (LIA) in particular, and thus the number one cause of wrinkles.


– the dermis is the seat of our wrinkles, so what is needed here is not protection but repair.


Hya 4 serums transport high concentrations of active ingredients to the target site. This systematically achieves a visible improvement of the addressed skin problems.

The concept is skin-biologically optimal, the products are without preservatives, emulsifiers, kerosenes, silicones and ethoxylates and thus often correspond to the desire for skin-harmonious treatment. Nevertheless, we do not work with homeopathic doses, but quite the opposite with high concentrations of active ingredients and a multi-way strategy, in which several paths to the goal are followed simultaneously in one product to increase the overall success – naturally without animal testing and free of microplastics.


- through deeply penetrating hyaluronic gels with different combinations of active ingredients

We have developed 4-fold hyaluronic gels that penetrate deep into the skin and not only have strong effects themselves, but also a vehicle function, i.e. they carry the active ingredients they contain into the skin. All gels are emulsifier-free active ingredient carriers and are based on 4 types of hyaluronic acid, covering the entire range from short-chain to long-chain hyaluronic acid.


- through LIA creams

While the hyaluronic gels are programmed for deep penetration, the creams remain in the upper layers of the skin to form an active ingredient and protective depot there. We achieve this, on the one hand, with an emulsifier-free modern cream base based on so-called LMS, which replicates the matrix structure of the skin and therefore bonds with it like a second skin. On the other hand, all day care products have over 90% protection against the number one cause of wrinkles, light-induced skin aging (LIA). Immediately after application, your skin ages only half as fast.

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