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TOP PEEL Creme BHA-Peeling

Top Peel Cream


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  • Peeling cream for wrinkle reduction
  • Large-scale surface peeling for skin rejuvenation in combination with HYA 4 Deep Lift Q10
  • Free of colourants, fragrance, and preservatives (KVO)

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“Top Peel Cream” peeling cream for the face

Skin rejuvenation (general improvement of the skin’s appearance including pigment disorders) in a 15 ml airless dispenser.

Peeling cream in action: The active ingredient CSS contained in this Peeling Cream differs from conventional peelings in that it is not water-soluble and is therefore not washed off the skin. This means that the upper horny layer can be removed in a targeted and very clean manner. The horny cells are removed layer by layer – like mowing the lawn instead of scarifying. This means that, unlike with other acid peelings, there are no
The result is smooth and even skin immediately after the treatment. The active ingredient specifically dissolves the
The active ingredient dissolves the natural connection between the corneocytes and does not attack the epidermis unselectively, as is the case with acid peels. CSS is therefore a very clean, natural and above all safe measure to achieve the following goals:

– Renewal of the upper horny layer
– Stimulation of the natural skin renewal rhythm to more youthful cell renewal rates
– Stratum corneum is strengthened, more flexible and less prone to wrinkles
– Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal

Due to its lipophilic nature, CSS penetrates hair follicles and deeper skin layers particularly well and is very suitable for the treatment of acne thanks to its strong comedolytic, pore-refining action. CSS is also pH skin neutral and does not require neutralisation.

We have observed that in addition to the above-mentioned goals, CSS removes age spots, age warts and many other skin irregularities in an unproblematic way.

Depending on the skin problem, a cabin treatment or cure may be appropriate. Further home care will be explained to you and noted on a care plan.



Depending on skin sensitivity, apply every 1-3 days in the evening for 2-3 weeks. Thorough cleansing should also be carried out, especially in the evening. Spread Top Peel Cream evenly over the face, avoiding the eye area. Leave on overnight, do not wash off. In the morning, cleanse the face thoroughly, e.g. with Hya 4 Deep Lift Q10, and then apply LIA C & Day Cream Sensitive.