Hya 4 Aknex

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  • Highly effective hyaluronic serum against skin impurities
  • Works in a very short time – 8 synergistic active ingredients
  • Free of colourants, fragrances and preservatives (KVO)

Product Description

Hya 4 Aknex

against skin impurities


More is not enough: this preservative-free hyaluronic gel tackles the problem from all sides at once: Two alpha-dehydrogenase inhibitors, oleanolic acid and a retinoid-analogue bioflavonoid,improve the hormonal NDGA skin balance and reduce excessive keratinocyte production. High-dose Vitamin B3 ((niacinamide), which also has an anti-inflammatory effect, has a sebustatic effect. Provitamin B5 (panthenol), madecassoside (pure, from tiger grass) and a very effective calming active ingredient from oats (dihydrovenanthramide). have a similar effect. Dead keratinocytes, which block the follicle exit and are thus responsible for inflammatory pimples, are “digested” by a modern high-tech protease enzyme. In this way, we target all causes of acne simultaneously and add the potentials of each principle in a single formula.
Application: Cleanse thoroughly, then apply liberally and frequently, never use other products in addition. For juvenile oily acne, do not use a cream, otherwise use the LIA C 6 fluid cream, Young or 24 H cream afterwards.
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