HYA 4 Quattrox Serum against Mimic Wrinkles

Serum against mimic wrinkles
Hyaluron Serum gegen Mimikfalten
Serum against mimic wrinkles

HYA 4 Quattrox Serum against Mimic Wrinkles

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  • Highly effective hyaluronic serum against mimic wrinkles
  • Contains 4 different Botox-analogue signal peptides – especially good in combination with micro needling
  • Free of colorants, fragrances, and preservatives (KVO)

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Relaxing Serum for Mimic Wrinkles Reduction

This is a 4-fold combination of the latest Botox-analogue signal peptides. You already know two of them from our Deep Lift Q10. The two new active ingredients enhance and supplement the effect via an additional mechanism. This formula, therefore, contains our four hyalurones and the four new Botox-analogue signal peptides, i.e. 4+4, hence the name Quattrox.

The most effective repair-protect effect can be reached in combination with the matching LIA C 6 Cream.

Take a look at our DUAL LIFT®  System treatment concept – skincare science that works!


Intensive wrinkle treatment. It is essential to combine it with LIA creams in order to maintain the success of the treatment. Apply the rich gel sparingly first, then the cream 1 minute later. Hya 4 Quattrox is suitable for all skin types.