Hya 4 Botolip 3D


  • Nourishing cream gel for more lip volume & against wrinkles
  • Cares for the lips thanks to the high content of shea butter and LMS
  • Free from colourants, fragrances and preservatives (KVO)
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Lip plumping

Everything your lips need! It contains our two “Botox” analogue active ingredients in high concentration, plus two lipo-boosters (no, not lip-boosters!), i.e. substances that stimulate natural fat production. The formula has now become a fully-fledged cream gel, with 4-fold hyaluron plus high LMSconcentration. This means: pleated wrinkles adé! Suitable for customers with preservative intolerance.


Apply generously and especially to the edge of the lips (pleated wrinkles). Hya 4 Botolip 3D is suitable for all healthy “lips”.

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