Spirulina Algaemask Lavender/Rosemary

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  • Peel-off mask based on a fine algae-based powder for more moisture and relaxation
  • With vitamin E, provitamin A and the essential oil of lavender and rosemary
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and without perfume oil

Product Description

Lavender & Rosemary Algaemask

This algae mask nourishes, hydrates and refreshes the skin. The vitamin E and the provitamin A contained in the olive oil protect against free radicals. The skin appears balanced and relaxed. The essential oils of lavender and rosemary also provide pure wellness for the senses.
Peel-off masks are based on ultra-fine algae-based powder. Once mixed with water, a smooth gel is formed. It takes on the exact shape of the treated body part – like a second skin. In addition to their skin-tightening effect, all our masks have special active ingredient effects. These are naturally particularly intensive due to the occlusive “mask effect” and are often visible immediately after treatment: your customer is thrilled! Stir 7-8 scoops (equivalent to 35g-40g) into 90 ml of water and immediately apply evenly to cleansed skin. The mask dries quickly and can no longer be used approx. 5 minutes after mixing. Leave on for 12-15 minutes. Then peel off.
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