LIA C 6 BODY LOTION for Normal Skin

Body Lotion with UVA Protection
Straffende Bodylotion
LIA C 6 Body Lotion
Moisturizing Body Lotion for normal skin
Body Lotion with UVA Protection
Straffende Bodylotion
LIA C 6 Body Lotion

LIA C 6 BODY LOTION for Normal Skin


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  • Lightweight lotion with LIA protection against light-induced skin aging (UVA high & UVB low)
  • Emulsifier-free cream base protects and repairs the natural lipid barrier of the horny layer (top layer of the skin)
  • Free from colorants and preservatives (KVO)

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DErmokosmetik ohne Konservierungsstoffe
Effektive Dermokosmetik

Firming Body Lotion for Daily Skincare and After-Sun Protection

Bodycare for Normal Skin

Immediately after application, the body lotion fills ‘cracks’ in the stratum corneum (the horny skin layer) and restores its protective high-tech structure. Thanks to its light formulation, the body lotion is suitable for treating skin areas on the entire body.

  • Prevents light-induced skin aging,
  • Moisturizes,
  • A light, non-greasy texture,
  • Quickly absorbing.

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Reparative body lotion for intensive skincare

The LIA protection actively prevents photoaging.

The LMS cream base, similar to natural skin lipids, prevents washout effects (moisture loss).


Body Lotion can be used daily or after sunbathing

  • Apply the body lotion on clean skin daily or after sunbathing.
  • Massage the lotion gently into the skin and let it absorb before dressing.