Xtract Female Balance Serum

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  • plant based actives
  • Isoflavones from soy germ and red clover
  • Free from dyes, fragrances and preservatives (KVO)

Product Description

Female Balance Xtract Serum

This powerful formula based on short-chain hyalurones inhibits the so-called saccharification, reduces redness and acts as a phytohormone. Isoflavones from soy germ and red clover have numerous positive effects on menopausal disorders. 
Saccharification causes collagen to cross-link and become inelastic: wrinkles become visible. This process is irreversible, and the isoflavones have a prophylactic effect, so it is best to start using them as early as 30! And soy and red clover have a strong phytohormonal effect due to their steroid-like structure, which can of course be increased by appropriate nutrition.


Application: Apply a thin layer in the evening and morning and let it absorb. Then use your LIA C 6 cream.

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