LIA C 6 Handcream

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  • Light cream with LIA protection to prevent age spots
  • Emulsifier-free cream base to protect and repair the natural lipid barrier of the horny layer (top layer of the skin)
  • Free of colourants and preservatives (KVO)

Product Description

LIA C 6 Handcream



The LIA C 6 Hand Special actively prevents light-induced skin ageing through LIA protection. Anti-age active ingredients also prevent the formation of wrinkles. The hand cream offers strong protection against age spots. The LMS cream base, which resembles natural skin lipids, also prevents wash-out effects. Immediately after application, the cream fills “cracks” in the horny layer and restores its protective high-tech structure.
Application: Apply liberally and repeatedly to the outside of the hand. Repeat after washing and especially if exposure to light is expected.