Algenmaske zum Abziehen
Algenmaske zum Abziehen

Cryo Spirulina Algae Mask


  • Peel-off facial mask based on a fine spirulina algae powder to soothe and reduce red and swollen skin
  • With cryogenic menthol complex, spirulina algae, vitamins C and E and provitamin A
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and without perfume oil
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Cryo Algae Mask

This peel-off facial mask is designed to soothe and reduce the appearance of red and swollen skin, while also providing a refreshing and cooling effect. The cryogenic menthol complex is responsible for this refreshing feeling, leaving your skin relaxed and rejuvenated. The Spirulina algae used in this mask is a skincare treasure, containing a variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins C and E, as well as provitamin A. Vitamin A, often referred to as the “skin vitamin,” is highly beneficial for the skin, but can be sensitive to light and air. The regenerating, regulating and skin-tightening effects of provitamin A are able to fully unfold, as the Spirulina Algae Mask is freshly mixed before each use.

All our masks have skin-tightening effects and special material effects. These are naturally more intense due to the occlusive “mask effect” and are often visible immediately after treatment: your customer will be delighted!


Peel-off masks are based on ultra-fine algae-based powder. Once mixed with water, a smooth gel is formed. It takes on the exact shape of the treated body part – like a second skin. In addition to their skin-tightening effect, all our masks have special active ingredient effects. These are naturally particularly intensive due to the occlusive “mask effect” and are often visible immediately after treatment: your customer is thrilled! Stir 7-8 scoops (equivalent to 35g-40g) into 90 ml of water and immediately apply evenly to cleansed skin. The mask dries quickly and can no longer be used approx. 5 minutes after mixing. Leave on for 12-15 minutes. Then peel off.

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