CRYO Spirulina Algae Mask with Cooling Effect

SPirulina Algae Mask for Face
Spirulina Cryo Algenmaske für Gesicht
SPirulina Algae Mask for Face

CRYO Spirulina Algae Mask with Cooling Effect


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  • Peel-off facial mask based on a fine spirulina algae powder to soothe and reduce red and swollen skin
  • With cryogenic menthol complex, spirulina algae, vitamins C and E, and provitamin A
  • Spirulina algae mask is suitable for sensitive skin and without perfume oil

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Cooling CRYO Spirulina Algae Mask

This algae mask for the face targets reddened and swollen skin, and creates a natural feeling of freshness: the cryogenic menthol complex, which suggests cooling to the skin, is responsible for this. The skin feels refreshed and relaxed. Spirulina algae is a treasure in cosmetics because it contains many vitamins and minerals.

Besides vitamins C & E, provitamin A is important here. Vitamin A is the skin vitamin par excellence but has only a short life in cosmetics because of its sensitivity to light and air.

In this facial algae powder mask, on the other hand, the regenerating, regulating, and skin-tightening effect of the provitamin can fully unfold, as the mask is freshly mixed each time.

In addition to their skin-tightening effect, all our masks contain certain active ingredients. These are particularly intensive in a natural way due to the occlusive “mask effect”. The effect on the skin is often visible immediately after treatment: a thrilling skin feeling!


Peel-off masks are based on ultra-fine algae-based powder. Once mixed with water, a smooth gel is formed and cannot be used after about 5 minutes. It takes on the exact shape of the treated body part – like a second skin.

Facial Mask Application:

Gesichtsreinigung Wash your face with Micro Foam Cleanser.

Algenmaske anrührenMix 5-8 scoops (equivalent to 30g-40g) with 90 ml of water.
Algenmaske auftragenApply immediately with a spatula on cleansed skin. The facial mask dries quickly and can no longer be used approx. 5 minutes after mixing. 
ALgenmaske einwirken lassenLeave it on for 12-15 minutes.
Maske abziehenPeel off slowly and wash the rest with a wet towel.
Tagescreme auftragenApply matching LIA C 6 Cream to protect the natural lipid skin barrier.

Why is Spirulina Good for the Skin?

Spirulina algae is a treasure in cosmetics as it contains valuable vitamins and minerals. Along with vitamins C and E, it also has provitamin A. Since the algae are in powder form and freshly mixed with water for each use, all the active ingredients are fresh and can effectively enhance skin firmness, nourishment, and regulation.

What is a Cryo Facial Mask Good for?

The Spirulina Cryo algae mask also contains a cryogenic menthol complex that provides noticeable and long-lasting cooling effects on the skin. This mask targets redness and swelling, making it particularly beneficial after invasive treatments like micro-needling or RF needling, as well as waxing when the skin is heavily irritated.

Algae Powder Masks for Face, Neck, and Dècolettè

What is the Menthol Complex in this Spirulina Face Mask Made of?

We have supplemented the algae with pure menthol powder extracted from peppermint essential oil.

What does Menthol do for the Skin?

Menthol provides a refreshing and cooling sensation on the skin. It also has soothing properties and relieves itching. Other studies have shown that it has a positive effect on blood circulation.

Is Provitamin A in the Face mask the same as Retinol?

Vitamin A is the most essential skin vitamin. However, previous options were either ineffective or had little efficacy (retinyl palmitate), irritating derivatives (retinol), or highly effective compounds (retinoic acid) that are prohibited in cosmetics due to their side effects. Provitamin A is very safe and effective when freshly mixed in the algae mask.

What is Better for the Skin - Retinol or Vitamin C?

It cannot be generalized as both have different functions. Vitamin A, or stable and safe vitamin A derivatives, regulate the formation of the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin). This process, known as differentiation, usually occurs within 28 days from the newly born skin cells in the stratum basale to the dead horn cells of the outermost layer.

When this process doesn't function properly, it can lead to severe skin problems like atopic dermatitis or even psoriasis, which signifies serious damage to the lipid barrier. Vitamin A brings this whole process back to a regulated youthful level. Vitamin C needs to be used in a stable form as it is highly susceptible to oxidation. Vitamin C acts as a free radical scavenger, providing brightening and skin tone evening effects. As a free radical scavenger, vitamin C protects the skin from free radicals and also possesses anti-aging properties.

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