HYA 4 CAPIMED Capillary Repair Serum

CAPIMED Capillary Repair Serum
Couperose Serum Wirkung nach 1 Monat
Couperose Serum
CAPIMED Capillary Repair Serum
Couperose Serum Wirkung nach 1 Monat

HYA 4 CAPIMED Capillary Repair Serum

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  • Highly effective hyaluronic serum with 5 active ingredients to improve the sealing of fragile capillaries
  • Very economical in use
  • Free of colourants, fragrances and preservatives (KVO)

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This hyaluronic acid serum is infused with a potent blend of ingredients, effectively enhancing the tone and appearance of superficial blood vessels (capillaries). It works to fortify red surface veins (capillaries) and provides protection against future damage. Consistent use of CAPIMED serum leads to visible improvements in the appearance of rosacea (couperose) and redness associated with sensitive skin.

The aim of this Capillary Repair Serum is to improve the sealing and regeneration of fragile capillaries that are “baggy” and therefore visible, with the result of unwanted red discoloration. An extract from a laurel bush contains 2 rutin derivatives, whose effect on rosacea and couperose has been proven. Madecassoside also helps with its anti-inflammatory effect. And another innovative active ingredient desensitizes this highly sensitive problem skin.

The most effective repair-protect effect can be reached in combination with the matching LIA C 6 Cream.

Take a look at our DUAL LIFT®  System treatment concept – skincare science that works!


Good and mild cleansing, e.g. with Micro Foam Cleanser, is always the first step, followed by the application of CAPIMED. The reddened skin should definitely be protected by LIA C 6 cream after applying the serum because it is already hypersensitive and is additionally stressed by UVA-generated radicals.

Even though CAPIMED Capillary Repair Serum contains numerous radical-reducing active ingredients, the generally applicable principle “Better to prevent the fire (LIA cream) than to extinguish it (Capimed)” is particularly relevant here.