Hya 4 Hyaderm N

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  • Hyaluron cream gel with 8 active ingredients to lower the irritation threshold and restore the skin
  • Combine with LIA C 6 calming cream in case of severe skin complaints
  • Free of colourants, fragrances and preservatives (KVO)
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HYADERM N not only reduces the irritation of most unpleasant skin reactions such as redness, burning, itching, but also speeds up the restoration of soothed and flawless skin. With a total of eight active ingredients. Apply the gel liberally, possibly again after a few minutes. The symptoms of the above-mentioned reactions will now quickly subside. Attention: Symptomatic applications do not treat the causes!
Ideally, the treated area should then be shielded with LIA C 6 cream. The formula is free of dyes and emulsifiers. Suitable in case of intolerance to preservatives.


Small painful injuries (skin abrasions, insect bites, burns) as well as chronically disturbed skin structure (neurodermatitis, atopic eczema) are the ideal area of application. The skin is immediately soothed. The numerous active ingredients use all mechanisms, i.e. lead to the goal in several ways. In the case of chronically dry itchy skin, the application of Hyaderm N should definitely be combined with LIA creams in order to also build up the lipid barrier, which is usually also disturbed. We have had excellent results, e.g. with neurodermitic babies who sleep peacefully through the night again after treatment. If necessary, apply several times at first, followed 1-2 minutes later by the LIA C 6 system, preferably the LIA C 6 calming cream.

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